Nicole B. Schmidt - Creative
Welcome to my creative mind, you will see from my diverse creative talents as an artist and a person I am certainly multi-dimensional.

I attended the Art Institute of Denver in Colorado where I earned my degree in Graphic Arts. I then moved to San Diego in 2000 and my graphic design career took off. I was actively involved in the San Diego Arts Community. I conceptualized and was the chief coordinator for the "Skin Deep" art show at the Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego to raise money for the Healthy Within Foundation. I took part in the "Trashed" Recycle Art Exhibit at the Lab in Orange County and the Coachella music festival in 2005. I was a regular exhibitor in the Grrrrrl Power shows throughout San Diego. 2010 brought a transition in my life with my family and I moving to Vancouver Washington. I am excited to be back among the evergreens and I look forward to rooting myself here.

Please check back regularly for my current shows, artwork, and projects. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my point of view.